Our Services

Basic Maintenance Clean

*Rates start at $125 + tax and up

Service after initial deep clean has been performed to bring the home to maintenance standards of clean.


  • Dusting the whole home in reachable areas
  • Making up beds or changing sheets if laid out prior to appointment
  • Cleaning and disinfection of bathrooms
  • Cleaning stair banisters, railings, & steps
  • Cleaning kitchen counters, clean & polish of exterior of major appliances, scrub out the kitchen sink
  • Cleaning mirrors
  • Empty wastebaskets (excludes kitchen trash unless per request)
  • Vacuum all flooring
  • Mop hard floors.

Deep Clean

*Rates start at $250 + tax and up

When your home needs a refresh or this is your initial cleaning, our Deep Cleaning gets your home’s level of clean ready to be maintained and a sense of a refreshing atmosphere

All included in the Basic Maintenance Cleaning plus:

  • Deeper scrub in bathrooms, including wet washing baseboards
  • Dusting ceiling fans, baseboards, blinds/shutters, window ledges and windowsills
  • Cleaning Interior of oven and microwave
  • Cleaning exterior cabinet fronts in kitchen and bathrooms
  • Dusting all reachable light fixtures
  • Cleaning and disinfecting high touch points; doorknobs, doors, switches
  • Cobweb removal
  • Vacuuming under couch and beds (where reachable)

1-Hour Tidy Up Service

No time to pick up before work, no worries. We can schedule a Tidy Up Service. Tidy Up service is where Mother Scrubbers comes in to make up the beds, pick up clutter/toys/etc., hand wash a sink of morning dishes, light straightening around the home. This service is for one hour on scheduled days to help make sure you walk in the door after work with your home feeling Tidier. This does not include regular cleaning. 



Post Event Clean Up

*Rates are per sq. ft and start at $0.12/SqFt + tax and up

Did you have an epic party or event? Lacking the drive to clean up afterwards? Let Mother Scrubbers Cleaning Service take care of the cleanup! This service is for indoor or outdoor events and includes;

  • Removal of all trash/debris
  • Taking down tents/canopies, folding tables and chairs, food service tables, etc.
  • Wiping down used surfaces; I.E. tables and chairs
  • Washing of any dishes used during the event

Move-In/Out Cleaning Service

*Rates start at $350 + tax and up

Moving and need pre- or post-move cleaning? This service is to prepare the empty home for the new residents. Settling into your new space is more rejuvenating when the cleaning has been done for you.

This Service includes everything in the Deep Cleaning PLUS;

  • Cleaning Inside/Outside all Cabinets, Drawers, and Pantry
  • Interior and exterior cleaning of Fridge, Oven/Stove, Microwave. Exterior of dishwasher only.
  • Wet wash all doors, door frames, doorknobs, light switches, baseboards, and outlet plugs
  • Removal of dirt/fingerprints on walls
  • Cleaning any entry door glass; I.E. Front or back doors, Doors leading into an office space, etc.
  • Hard Water/calcium/rust/soap scrum removal from tubs/showers


Commercial Cleaning

*Rates are per sq ft and start at $0.12/SqFt plus tax

What better motivation than to come into the office that is fresh and clean and ready for everything you throw at it for a successful week? Keeping a work environment clean offers numerous benefits related to employee health and safety, including: Preventing the spread of germs and illness. Offices can become a significant source of bacteria if they are not cleaned regularly.

  • Dust all office furniture
  • Clean surface of monitors and electronics
  • Disinfect phones
  • Clean and disinfect all common areas
  • Kitchen:
    • Inside and outside of refrigerator
    • Counters
    • Inside and outside of microwaves
    • Wipe down of all appliances
  • Bathrooms:
    • Toilets
    • Sink
    • Counters
  • Sweep, mop and vacuum all floors
  • Hand clean windows, sills, blinds and baseboard
  • Vacuum/wipe down furniture
  • Sanitize doorknobs, switch plates and handrails
  • Dust off wall and clean cobwebs
  • Sweep off entryway

Additional Add-On Services

  • Dog Bathing – $20.00 per dog
  • Excessive Pet Hair Fee – $25.00
  • Interior Oven cleaning – $50.00
  • Dry Dust Ceiling Fans, Blinds/Shutters, Window Ledges & Sills – $45.00
  • Clean Bathroom and Kitchen cabinet Fronts – $50.00
  • Wet Wash/Scrub & Disinfect Doors, Door Frames, Doorknobs, and Switches – $80.00
  • Dry Dust Baseboards – $25.00
  • Wet Wash/Scrub Baseboards – $50.00 (Per Level in home; I.E. Up/Downstairs Levels)
  • Hand Wash Dishes (Per Sink full) – $30.00
  • Shower Glass Hard Water Removal – $100.00 (Per Shower)
  • Wash/Dry/Fold Laundry Service – $35.00 (Per Normal Size Load)
  • Packing/Unpacking for Move (Client Provides Supplies) – $45.00 Per Hour (4 hour minimum)
  • Interior Window Cleaning (Up to 6ft High) – $10.00 Per Window 


At Mother Scrubbers Cleaning Service, we strive for excellence and provide thorough cleaning every time. Each cleaning service provided is tailored specifically to the client and their home’s cleaning needs; therefore, our pricing varies depending on the size and scope of the property along with the current condition. What factors we consider in our pricing are:

*Square footage
*Condition of the property and amount of work needed to bring the property to a maintainable clean condition
*Type of cleaning desired
*How often cleaning is needed

We also love referrals and offer discounts for booked referrals!

Deep Cleaning Services


  • Clean Countertops
  • Wipe Down Backsplash
  • Clean Stove tops
  • Wipe cabinet front and drawers
  • Clean Interior Microwave and Oven
  • Clean/Polish Exterior of Major Appliances


  • Ceiling Fans
  • Shelving and Countertops
  • Stairs and Picture Frames
  • Window Sills and Ledges
  • Blinds
  • Baseboards
  • Disinfect Door Knobs and Switches


  • Clean countertops
  • Wipe down backsplash
  • Clean mirrors
  • Disinfect toilets & bathtubs
  • Clean showers and glass
  • Clean lights
  • Clean cabinets

Floors and More

  • Sweep, Vacuum and Mop
  • Beds: Make Up Bed and Change Sheets
  • Waste Basket Empty

Additional Services

  • Residential Move-In/Out
  • Make Ready’s and Vacation Rentals
  • Post Construction Remodel
  • Post Event Cleanup
  • Dish Handwashing
  • Wash, Dry, Fold Laundry Service
  • One-Hour Tidy Up Service
  • Move-Out/Construction Junk Removal
  • Dog Bathing

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